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A daily** newsletter on the most interesting/important news updates on South Korea - curated from dozens of sources within and outside of Korea. Designed for busy people, who want to stay up-to-date on all things Korea. 

Sections include: National News, Coronavirus updates, Articles from the rest of the world, North Korea, Sci-Tech, and Miscellaneous. Every Friday there is a bonus article about restaurant/food recommendations and/or upcoming events.

Articles are sent in the wee hours of every morning (KST: Korea Standard Time), covering the news over the last 24 hours (except Monday morning's article, which covers the last 48hrs of the weekend).

** (As of 8th Nov 2021, we are trialing a 3 times/week frequency for the newsletter - sent on Mon, Wed, Fri - let us know what you think about this via this quick poll)

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A shout out to Dan for his advice, and his TLDR.tech newsletter, which K-News Bites is inspired by (with his gracious permission). If you like tech news, you definitely want to be subscribed to TLDR!